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If you’re a homeowner in the Charlotte region planning to sell your property, one of the terms you’ll need to familiarize yourself with is “quitclaim deed.” You likely received a deed after signing all the necessary closing documents when you first purchased your home. There are many different types of deeds, and a quitclaim deed is used for specific types of real estate transactions in North Carolina. Typically, these deeds expedite the closing process when transferring properties between family members or spouses.

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What Are Quitclaim Deeds?

Quitclaim deeds are a particular type of deed used to facilitate the transfer of property ownership between close family members and spouses. It is one of the simplest methods for transferring property ownership. Because of the unique circumstances that spark the need for a quitclaim deed, there is usually no money involved in the transaction, which means there’s no need for title insurance or a title search. Contrary to the way a special warranty deed works, a quitclaim deed offers the property on an “as-is” basis, offering little protection — if any at all — to the grantee (new owner).

Some circumstances that may require quitclaim deed assistance from a real estate attorney in the Cornelius, NC region include:

  • Transferring property between family members
  • Removing an ex-spouse from a property title
  • Clearing a title defect

Limitations of Quitclaims

While quitclaim deeds are the most straightforward method for transferring property ownership, they aren’t always the best option for facilitating that transfer. Quitclaim deeds aren’t designed to guarantee that there aren’t any existing liens or interests that could impact the property. So, if you find out later that other owners exist, you could face potential legal or financial obligations. Additionally, there may be tax payments that you will be obligated to satisfy through a quitclaim deed — even if you are gifting the property to a close family member.

Why Hire a Real Estate Attorney for Quitclaims Assistance in Huntersville?

Navigating the quitclaim deed process is an extremely arduous task to tackle on your own. You need a knowledgeable real estate attorney who can help you successfully transfer ownership for the most stress-free experience possible. When you select Matheson Law Firm as your quitclaim deed professional, our team will:

  • Assist with the preparation and filing of all quitclaim deed forms
  • Evaluate whether a quitclaim deed is necessary for the real estate transaction
  • Help you understand whether other, more beneficial options exist

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