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What Does a Real Estate Lawyer Do?

You have decided to take that big step and you are purchasing a home. You are ready for the memories of family celebrations, Super Bowl games, and so many more to be made in this important and critical investment, and you need a real estate lawyer to ensure that you are protected in the long process of buying a home.

A homebuyer benefits from having a real estate lawyer in a few different ways. To find out how you can be protected during your property closing, contact Matheson Law Firm, P.A. today in Charlotte and the surrounding areas.


Real estate lawyers oversee the purchase of property and anything that comes with the property, such as fixtures and the appliances inside the house. A real estate attorney will also oversee the important documents such as property management, title, mortgage documents, and transfer documents. A real estate attorney will ensure that all of these moving parts are done correctly and in the best interest of the buyer. There are many documents that the attorney can help create as well, such as Closing Disclosure and related mortgage documentation if the buyer is financing the purchase through a lender.

Responsibilities include:

  • Reviewing documents: Many documents need to be completed, signed, and exchanged during closing. From titles and deeds to insurance forms and security instruments, we’ll review everything and resolve any legal issues that may arise. Learn More
  • Providing recording services: Certain aspects of real estate transactions will be public information. Recording is when your deed and/or mortgage is filed with the county, dated, time-stamped, and sometimes uploaded to a website for public access. Recording is vital to prevent ownership disputes. It can also be essential to qualifying for a mortgage. We’ll handle this for you to ensure it’s done correctly.
  • Receiving and disbursing closing proceeds: The closing is exciting for both homebuyers and sellers. Buyers receive ownership of the property, and sellers take the proceeds of the sale. We disburse closing proceeds to facilitate the process and prevent any issues.

A real estate attorney is critical when it comes to property, especially if you are their client and the purchaser of the property.

Benefits of Hiring A Real Estate Closing Attorney

If you’re buying, selling, or refinancing a property, consider these reasons to hire a real estate closing attorney in Charlotte:

  • Receive legal counsel: A real estate purchase is probably one of the largest investments you’ll ever make, and legal issues can arise at various phases of the process. Matheson Law Firm can provide critical legal advice and support whenever issues may arise—a real estate agent cannot. We can also help you take steps to minimize the risk of legal issues as the transaction process.
  • Enjoy peace of mind: Whether you have questions about the amount and fairness of closing costs or you want to be sure the deed and security instruments are completed and filed correctly, having a closing attorney by your side will put your mind at ease.

You can be ensured that with a real estate attorney, they will ensure the best possible outcome and try to make the process as seamless and less stressful as possible.

Retain an Experienced Real Estate Closing Attorney in Charlotte, NC

To learn more about how the experience lawyers at Matheson Law Firm can protect you in a closing deal, contact us today. Matheson Law Firm offers comprehensive closing services so you can be confident that the transaction is completed in your favor and as efficiently as possible

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