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Whether it’s your first time participating in a real estate transaction or you’re a seasoned veteran, all real estate purchases will involve a deed. This crucial document signifies your legal right to the real property you own, and it’s what protects you from third-party claims that challenge your property ownership. There are three main types of deeds, each of which requires you to have a knowledgeable real estate attorney by your side to successfully navigate the process.

At Matheson Law Firm, P.A., our team of legal experts knows exactly what you need to successfully transfer a deed into your name to signify property ownership. From general warranty to quitclaim deeds, our real estate attorneys will help you every step of the way to ensure your property deeds are appropriately filed and transferred.

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What Is a Real Estate Deed?

A real estate deed is the legal document that signifies your right to own the property in question. There are several requirements for a document to be considered a deed, including the following:

  • Identification: Deeds must adequately identify the Grantor, the Grantee, the amount paid, and the real estate in question.
  • Conveyance: The document must state that the intent is to transfer the property from the Grantor to the Grantee.
  • Interest: A deed must also state the interest being conveyed, such as all of the Grantor’s interest or a lesser estate.
  • Signature: Both the Grantor and Notary Public must sign the document in order for it to be valid.
  • Delivery: The deed must then be delivered by the Grantor to the Grantee and accepted by the Grantee from the Grantor.

Deeds are not required to be recorded in the county Register of Deeds; however, it is highly recommended that you do so anyway, as this can bolster your protection against third-party claims. Matheson Law Firm can help ensure that your property deed is not only valid, but also properly recorded in the appropriate county registry to help avoid future title claim litigation issues.

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Charlotte Real Estate Deeds That Matheson Law Firm Handles

There are three main types of deeds typically involved in real estate transactions. Matheson Law Firm is proud to provide the following deed services to Charlotte residents and the surrounding region:

  • General Warranty Deed
  • Special Warranty Deed
  • Quitclaim Deed

No matter your real estate deed needs, our team has the legal professionals available to help you navigate the process.

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We Work With Real Estate Agents in Charlotte, Huntersville & Cornelius

All great real estate agents know that real estate attorneys are required for real estate service. We will help make this process as painless as possible by ensuring you and your real estate clients are protected from unwanted issues and getting the home closed as soon as possible.

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For more than 20 years, Matheson Law Firm has provided the personalized legal services Charlotte-area residents need to successfully engage in real estate transactions. Seamlessly coordinating efforts between buyers, sellers, agents, and lenders, our legal team has the skills and expertise necessary to assist with all of your real estate deed concerns.

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