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Real Estate Lawyer & Closing Attorney in Davidson, NC

Are you preparing to buy a house or sell a commercial property in Davidson, North Carolina? Due to the complicated nature of the real estate industry, you have probably decided to team up with a real estate agent. You may also have considered the possibility of working with a real estate law firm. Matheson Law Firm, P.A. can help you save time, avoid legal trouble, and enjoy peace of mind when navigating the real estate transaction process.

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What is Real Estate Law?

The duty of a real estate attorney is to negotiate the terms of a real estate transaction with the goal of protecting a client’s interests and achieving an efficient, agreeable outcome. We can help with the process early on to ensure nothing complicates your future ownership. When the time comes, we can also review your contract, negotiate property repairs, and suggest any adjustments to the terms. We’ll be by your side on closing day, and we’ll help you secure some peace of mind for as long as you own your home.

Here are the services you can benefit from when you hire an experienced Davidson real estate lawyer at Matheson Law Firm:

  • Closings: It’s easy to become overwhelmed on closing day, but with a real estate attorney helping you navigate the process, you can be confident that you’ll take the right steps to finalize the transaction. Matheson Law Firm provides an array of closing services, including document review, distribution of the closing proceeds, and recording services.
  • Remote closings: Most refinancing transactions are already closed remotely, but this is a relatively new option for purchase closings. If you’re interested in finalizing the deal without having to travel long distances or sit in a title office signing paperwork, ask us about our remote closing services.
  • Document preparation: Real estate transactions come with stacks of paperwork. Free up your time and get some much-needed legal advice when filling out settlement statements, deeds, security instruments, and powers of attorney relating to the transaction. We’ll make sure everything is filed correctly so the deal can move forward.
  • Title searches: We recommend researching a property’s history before buying it. This can uncover any encumbrances, such as liens or easements, that could affect your future ownership. We provide this service to get your property-buying efforts off to a good start.
  • Title insurance: A real estate purchase is likely the largest investment you’ll ever make, so you want to safeguard it with various forms of insurance, including title insurance. This coverage protects things like errors, forgeries, or undisclosed heirs that might crop up after a title company searches the records. We’ll help you obtain insurance for long-lasting peace of mind.

Partner with an Experienced Real Estate Lawyer in Davidson

The principal attorney at Matheson Law Firm, Douglas P. Matheson, has been practicing real estate law since 2005. He and the rest of our team are dedicated to helping property buyers, sellers, agents, and lenders successfully resolve real estate transactions. With our advice and services, we can help you protect your interests when you purchase or sell your property.

Request Real Estate Legal Services in Davidson, NC

If you’re seeking sound legal counsel about an upcoming real estate transaction in Davidson, look no further than Matheson Law Firm. We’ll recommend the steps you should take to get from point A to point B as effortlessly as possible.

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